Conflict Disco with Rhobodub (Ukraine)

Fr, 3. Mai 201921:00 UhrSCHÜTZenhaus

When it comes to finding a roots music specialist in Ukraine, one of the first names that comes to mind is Tommy Rhobodub.

Born in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, Tommy grew up in Kyiv, the capital city, absorbing hip-hop, drum & bass, IDM, dub techno, reggae/dub, and rock of the psychedelic era (late ‘60s / early ‘70s).

Then Rhobodub’s affinity with music got his hands full with passion: while working at the vinyl shop Diskultura, he found himself records digging and mixing for days on end. There Tommy discovered house music and quickly realized that this genre would become his main passion. Having started to deejay in many places of Kyiv, Rhobodub quickly becomes a party favourite, moving audiences in clubs such as Closer.

A few years later, tired of metropolitan life Tommy moves to L’viv, the western corner of Ukraine, where he joins the nascent house scene and becomes a resident of the vinyl only rave spirit party concept ‘Hypnohouse’. While living in Galicia, Rhobodub continues to tour around country and abroad as well.

Tommy feels attuned to the sounds of Chicago, Detroit, and New York scenes, adding his personal kicks to their style. Besides nightlife, Rhobodub gets inspired by watching classic movies, learning history and art nouveau architecture, riding a bicycle, and taking care of his kitten.